Moscow State Symphony Orchestra
Music Director & Chief Conductor Pavel Kogan
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J. STRAUSS "Tales from the Vienna Woods"
Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

How to get
1500 - 4000 rubles
2 hours
27 December (Sunday) 2020

On 27 December, in the Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Pavel Kogan will perform the most famous works by Johann Strauss - "Tales from the Vienna Woods", "On the Beautiful Blue Danube", "Spring Voices", "Trick-Track", "Pizzicato" and others.

"King of the Vienna Waltz" sounds proudly! This is how the great composer, whose name was Johann Strauss, was majestically named. He breathed new life into this genre, gave him a "poetic interpretation". A lot of interesting and surprising lies in Strauss' waltzes. His music has long become a symbol of a brilliant celebration of life. The beauty of Strauss' melodies, the luxury of orchestral colors, the ingenuity and wit of his dance pieces have irresistibly influenced any audience for more than two centuries - from ordinary listeners to famous musicians of the world. Therefore, what could be better than spending New Year's Eve in the company of the ravishing themes of the Austrian genius, succumbing to the mood of everyone's fun? So, let's take a look into the mysterious world of Vienna music, the door to which the king himself opened for us!

"Tales from the Vienna Woods" is one of the most fabulous and magical works of Johann Strauss Jr. It should be noted that the composition received the title of the longest waltz ever written by the composer. Listening to the work, you will notice that the fabulous and mysterious atmosphere is conveyed with the help of special musical techniques. These include the incredibly pleasant sound of the zither instrument and the inclusion of folk motifs in the melodic and thematic line. So, the characteristic features of a landler are clearly traced. The work has won the hearts of many romantic people who believe in a real miracle.

One of the brightest young and talented Russian conductors, Denis Vlasenko, will be conducting by this concert.

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